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Wellsys RO-100SG-B-6 Water Purifier (6 Stage)

৳ 15,500.00

Product Guaranty: 365 Days
Made in: Vietnam
Brand: Wellsys
Model: RO-100SG-B-6
Color: Blue Pressure
Meter: Yes
Purification Stage: 6 Stage
Family Usable: 1-20 Persons
RO Element: Membrane “TORAY” – Wellsys
Reserve Tank Capacity: 12 (±)
(MAX) Production Capacity: 15 (±) Liters per Hour

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Description of Wellsys RO-100SG-B-6 

The Wellsys RO-100SG-B-6 is a reliable and efficient water purifier. It is designed to meet the needs of families with 1-20 persons. With its 6-stage purification process, it ensures clean and safe drinking water for your entire family. 

The RO element features a high-quality “TORAY” membrane, guaranteeing excellent filtration performance. The pressure meter allows one to check the water pressure, ensuring optimal operation. The blue color adds a touch of style to your kitchen. 

The reserve tank has a capacity of 12 liters (±). Gives an ample supply of purified water, and a production capacity of 15 liters (±) per hour. 

Rest assured with the 365-day product guarantee, and trust in the Wellsys brand known for its quality and reliability. Manufactured in Vietnam, this RO water purifier is a smart choice for your family’s health and well-being. 

Purification stages of  Wellsys RO-100SG-B-6  

1st stage: Sediment Removal Cartridge Function: PP filter for removal of sand, silt, dirt, and rust particles. Major series of high efficiency, low-pressure drop, special liquid filtering cartridges. Character: This material meets F.D.A specification and careful constructs to avoid potential contaminants. Caution: Maximum water temperature 65 °C.

2nd Stage: Granular Carbon Cartridge Function: Remove residual air pesticide, impurities, chlorine, stink, peculiar air, color, and other harmful chemical toxicant then sweeten the quality of water. Character: To keep your filter system operating efficiently, replace, this cartridge annually or by the recommendation of your experienced water conditioning dealer.

3rd Stage: Carbon Block Cartridge Function: Remove chlorine, surplus organic compounds, and gases causing odor from water, protect RO membranes from clogging residues Specifications: Compositions: Coal, De chlorination material Usage Time: 12 months (10,000L) Max flow: 100L/H Use Pressure: 5 bars

4th Stage: Reverse Osmosis Membrane ‘Toray’ Membrane sheet from Korea

5th Stage: Post Carbon Filter Features: Test and Oder, the water before drinking as an added assurance that your water will be crystal clear. Specification: Life Time: 2500 GPD Flow Rate: 0.5 GPM/min Max Pressure: 125 psi Temperature: 5-45 °C.

6th Stage: Mineralized Filter (Activator For H2O Molecules) Furthermore, Maifan rocks can balance pH value as well. There for applying this filter to your purifier can make your drinking water healthy for your body.


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