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Inline Sediment Filter – PP

৳ 600.00

Product details of Inline Sediment Filter – Pp

  • Specifications of Dirt and Sand Reduction Filter It is known as Inline PP filter,
  • Inline PP filter cartridge,
  • Inline Box PP Sediment filter cartridge.
  • This 5 micron sediment filter is made by Anti-Bacteria.
  • High capacity filter removes dusts,
  • particles and rusts.
  • Product comply with FDA test standard.
  • Anti-Bacterial: 99.70%, Use 100% pure PP fine fiber.
  • Product series have been passed the test in accordance with the filtering effect test of ANSI-NSF standard 42 – particulate reduction class II-V of U.S.A. Maximum Flow : 0.75GPM Maximum Pressure:125PSI Maximum Temperature:100F
  • Made in Taiwan


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