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Heron GRO-2300 Hot Cold and Normal RO Water Purifier

৳ 35,000.00

Warranty: Motor & Adapter 1-year replacement Guarantee
Made in: China
Brand: Heron
Model: GRO-2300
Purification Stage: 5 Stage
Family Usable: 1-10 Persons
RO Element: Membrane (USA Technology)
Reserve Tank Capacity: 6 Liters (MAX)
Production Capacity: 75 GPD

Availability: 200 in stock

About Heron GRO-2300 Hot Cold and Normal RO Water Purifier

Heron GRO-2300 Hot Cold and Normal RO Water purifier is 75 GPD tank capacity, 1.5 liters of hot water, 3.5 liters of cold water, and 3.5 liters of normal water scarcity, overheat / leakage, and power deficit are all protected by the re-boil function, which ensures that hot water reaches 100°C immediately. Taiwanese-made led hot water temperature display with cold and hot temperature adjustment.

Easy to maintain, user-friendly, entirely assembled, factory tested, and sanitized, and ready to install. This machine’s components are all built-in in Taiwan, with the exception of the membrane and faucet, which are made in Korea.

Heron filters use the world’s most advanced UV water purifier technology. Even dissolved pollutants such as chemicals, germs, viruses, and salts are removed by UV water purifier systems, resulting in 100 percent pure water. Heron provides 100% safe and delicious drinking water.

UV Water Purifier with 5 Stages

Ideal for use in both homes and offices. Heron comes with a technology that improves the UV membrane’s performance and durability. This ensures complete protection against all types of waterborne infections. Drinking water aids with weight loss. It aids in the proper functioning of the body’s metabolism. It aids in the cleansing of the body and the removal of toxins through urine.

Also, bring this HERON Taiwan 5 Stage UV Water Purifier with you to ensure that your water is safe to drink.



Pump: Made in China
Faucet: Push Type Faucet
Purification Technology: Reverse Osmosis
Production Capacity:
Dimension: 30 X 39.5 X 111 CM
Operating Power: 220V (DC-24V 1.2mA)
Certifications: SASO, ISO14001, ISO9001, Water Quality

Purification Stages:

1st Stage: 5 Micron Sediment (PP)
2nd Stage: Carbon (OCB)
3rd Stage: Carbon (CTO)
4th Stage: RO Membrane
5th Stage: Test/Odor Carbon(T-33)


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