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Heron Gold White RO 75 GPD Water Purifier

৳ 10,500.00

Product Warranty: 6 Month
Made in: China
Brand: Heron
Model: GRO-75
Purification Stage: 6 Stage
Family Usable: 1-10 Persons
RO Element: Membrane (USA Technology)
Reserve Tank Capacity: 3.2 Gallon Pressure Tank
Production Capacity: 11.81(±) Liters per Hour

Availability: 300 in stock

Heron Gold White RO 75 GPD Water Purifier is a 6-stage Hybrid Mineral RO Water Purifier, which ensures that your drinking water is mineral-free.

Water purification system with Heron Gold White RO 75 GPD Water Purifier

Designed for situations where the source water has a low water pressure or includes larger than normal levels of dissolved solids.

Heron filters employ the world’s most advanced RO water purifier technology. RO water purifier systems have six stages that remove even dissolved contaminants like chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and minerals, making the water completely pure.

Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier in Six Stages

Heron provides 100% safe and delicious drinking water. Ideal for use in both homes and offices. Heron comes with a mechanism that improves the RO membrane’s performance and durability. This ensures complete protection against all types of waterborne infections. Bring this RO water purifier with you to ensure that you have safe drinking water.

It satisfies all of your water quality requirements. provides 60/100 liters of clean, refreshing water that is suitable for cooking as well as drinking. Using Reverse Osmosis Technology, a RO system offers safe, pure water. It’s one of the best in its category. It has the ability to remove over 95% of total dissolved solids.

It satisfies all of your water quality requirements. Their RO system has a 3.2-gallon NSF-certified water storage tank. Also, they have essential fittings, installation kits, extra color 1/4′′ tubing, and a long-reach chrome faucet.

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