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Deng Yuan Taiwan TW-200 RO Water Purifier

৳ 56,500.00

Warranty: Motor & Adapter 1-year replacement Guarantee
Made in: Taiwan
Brand: Deng Yung
Model: TW-200
Purification Stage: 6 Stage
Family Usable: 1-20 Persons
RO Element: Membrane (USA Technology)
Reserve Tank Capacity: 40 Liters
Production Capacity: 31.50(±) Liters per Hour

Deng Yuan Taiwan TW-200 RO Water Purifier

The Deng Yuan Taiwan TW-200 RO Water Purifier is a remarkable 6-stage RO water purifier with an inbuilt pressure monitor and power switch. It also includes an automated flash valve to ensure the membrane’s longevity.

Membrane USA, which is made in Taiwan, ensures the highest level of safety and performance. It’s a fantastic Reverse Osmosis system that can remove over 99 percent of all organics and germs, as well as 95 percent of TDS, making it suitable for a household or office.

Deng Yuan purifier uses the world’s most advanced RO water purifier technology. RO water purifier systems have six stages that remove even dissolved contaminants like chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and minerals, making the water completely pure.

Deng Yuan provides 100% safe and delicious drinking water. That ensures you have 100 percent safe drinking water more than you desire, and a reverse osmosis system can offer 100 percent protection against all water-borne diseases. Ideal for use in both homes and offices. Deng Yuan comes with a mechanism that improves the RO membrane’s performance and durability.

Easy to clean, perfect for use on a counter or desk, fully constructed, factory tested and sterilized, and ready to use. This machine’s components are all built-in in Taiwan, with the exception of the membrane and faucet, which are made in Korea.

While the initial filtration by RO membranes with porosity as small as 0.0001 microns efficiently removes even dissolved contaminants (hard salts, heavy metals, etc.), the double purification by UF ensures protection against germs and viruses, making your drinking water completely safe.



Pump: Made in Taiwan
Faucet: SUS 304 (WQA patented) Stainless steel faucet
Purification Technology: Reverse Osmosis
Production Capacity: 200 GPD (756.00 ± Liters per Day)
Manufactured By: Taiwan
Technology: Reverse Osmosis
Water Connection Size: 06mm Food Grade White Color PVC Pipe
Operating Power: 220V (DC-24V 1.2mA)
Certifications: SASO, ISO14001, ISO9001, Water Quality

Purification Stages:

1st Stage: 5 Micron Sediment (PP)
2nd Stage: Carbon (OCB)
3rd Stage: Carbon (CTO)
4th Stage: RO Membrane
5th Stage: Test/Odor Carbon(T-33)
6th Stage: Mineral Filter Cartridge


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