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Water Treatment Plant Price In Bangladesh [2022]

Wastewater (water that is no longer suitable for its current usage) is delivered to a water treatment facility after leaving residences and businesses via sewage pipes. Miles of underground pipes make up the sewage system, which carries wastewater to a treatment facility for purification.

The aim of a wastewater treatment plant is to meet water safety standards’ requirements for water quality. This ongoing process enables us to drink pure, safe water straight from the tap. The water treatment plant price in Bangladesh is quite reasonable.

In Bangladesh, the price of Water Treatment Plant might range from about 50,000 to 100,000 Tk. Because there are many different kinds of water treatment facilities, their prices can also vary. These facilities can vary in size, length, and performance efficiency. For example, the price range for an ETP plant in Bangladesh is 50,000 to 500,000 Tk, although the range for an iron removal plant and a DM plant are both very close to 100,000 to 200,000 Tk, which is also the case for the pricing of a RO plant in Bangladesh. Additionally, the cost of a STP plant in Bangladesh may range from 100,000 to 100,000 Tk.

Types of Water Treatment Plant in BD

There are various kinds of water treatment plants, including:

Wastewater Treatment Plants (WTP)

Once more, wastewater can be divided into two groups:

Sewage water is the waste water from household appliances such sinks, showers, and toilets.

Nonetheless, industrial wastewater is produced by commercial, industrial, and factory activities and has a completely different chemical make-up from untreated wastewater.

Function: The installation of on-site wastewater treatment plants is required since the majority of petroleum refineries, petrochemical facilities, and chemical plants produce large amounts of wastewater. Other industries, including the production of paper and pulp, produce a lot of sewage.

Sewage Treatment Plants (STP)

These facilities clean up pollutants and sewage waste from residences and commercial organizations. On occasion, they also take in industrial wastewater. Rainfall and sewage waste are also acceptable.

Function: A great illustration of a STP is the treatment facilities present in large cities. Homeowners, commercial buildings, municipal sewage, etc.

Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP)

As was previously said, sewage treatment facilities provide initial care for residential or governmental concerns. On the other hand, untreated sewage water treatment facilities treat pollutants, or wastewater, produced by the discharge of pollutants from industry.

Function: ETPs are used in industries like pharmaceutical production and chemical industries like textile and dye manufacturing where there is a lot of chemical pollution in the sewage.

Demineralization Treatment Plants (DM)

In industrial water treatment, exfoliation is the complete removal of dissolved particles or components from feedwater or process streams.

Function: Demineralization eliminates all elements from water and is frequently used in industries that require highly pure water, including the food service sector, process streams used in electronics manufacturing, and makeup or feed water in rising boilers. They are also used to generate steam, energy, and cooling in industries.

Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment (RO)

The reverse osmosis (RO) idea is based on a filtering technique that uses pressure to remove a sizable amount of wastes and pollutants from wastewater while it is on one side of a membrane.

Reverse osmosis water purification systems are widely utilized in industries like manufacturing, boiler feed, semiconductor fabrication, and food service metal polishing.

List of Water Treatment Plant in BD Water Purifier

The Environmental Importance of Water Treatment Plants

Protecting one’s health is essential since water includes noxious chemicals, metals, and other contaminants that are harmful to both human and animal health. These dangerous substances and pollutants are responsible for many diseases, including cholera, diarrhea, asthma, cancer, skin conditions, and even death.

As a result, there will be fewer people who pass away each year from drinking contaminated water.

Wastewater treatment facilities clean and release water discharged from homes and business back into the neighborhood and natural environment, preventing water waste. Water waste is decreased as a result.

Protection of the environment – Water treatment is very good for the environment. It helps maintain the equilibrium of the water cycle by keeping both surface and groundwater sources.

Clean water from treatment facilities can be used for drinking, household chores, industrial processes, agriculture, and irrigation, among other things. This will address the issue of water scarcity and help nations with poor access to clean water.

Facilities for filtering are particularly important since they aid in supplying the rising demand for water.

Desalination is a different approach to water filtering. Because it transforms saline water—which is essentially useless but is abundant on the planet—into drinkable water, it is necessary. This could contribute to finding a solution to the world’s water shortage issue.

How Should I Pick a Water Treatment Plant?

Determine the source and quality of the water before deciding on the type of water treatment plant you need.

Additionally, reliability, process adaptability, utility capabilities, and the cost of the water treatment plant are the primary considerations you should bear in mind while choosing your water treatment facility.

It is important to understand the precise applications of various wastewater treatment facilities, including sewage treatment plants, effluent treatment facilities, activated sludge facilities, and common and mixed effluent facilities.

To choose the water treatment plant that best meets your needs, you should also be mindful of your budget.

You should get in touch with a reputable Bangladeshi water treatment plant supplier, BD Water Purifier, to purchase high-quality water treatment plants in order to purify the wastewater now that you are aware of how important they are.

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