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Tecoman Water Purifier At Reasonable Price

Water can be completely purified with a Tecomen water purifier. All the bacteria, germs, and particles will be destroyed. Tecomen allows water to be drank. Therefore, you don’t need to be concerned about your health. Tecomen uses reverse osmosis technology, which completely eliminates bacteria. You may get rid of any potentially harmful materials in water with the use of this Vietnamese water purification device. Use a Tecomen water purifier to prevent any contamination of your water.

Tecomen is renowned throughout the world as one of the greatest water filters. We have been selling in about 33 countries since the company was founded in 2006. Our global availability has made us a household name in the majority of countries. As a result, we currently hold the top spot in South East Asia for both production and sales of water purification machines. Tecnomen has received numerous international certifications because it offers the greatest water filtration technology. Examples include SASO, ISO14001, and ISO9001. Tecomen is one of the greatest water purifiers, as proven by this.

The BD Water Purifier, a top water solution company in Bangladesh, sells Tecoman water purifiers if you’re thinking about getting one to live a healthy life. They provide fair prices, quick deliveries, a variety of payment choices, and excellent customer service. Within Dhaka, delivery and installation are cheap.

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History of Tecoman Water Purifier

Tecomen Water Purifier company, established in 2006. Specializes in the manufacturing, trading, and distribution of water purification equipment, household appliances, healthcare equipment, and other related products.

Tecomen has grown to become a major manufacturer in Vietnam, with well-known trademarks such as Karofi and Korihome.

Tecomen is one of Vietnam’s largest OEM and ODM manufacturers for the international market. Not just in Vietnam. The Group’s distribution network includes subsidiaries, branches, and distributors around the country, with plans to grow into the worldwide market.

Tecomen has made high-quality goods with nice design, intelligent and distinctive features… on the market. With the objective of bringing peace of mind and ease to every family.

They are honored to provide consumers with fundamental values such as health, peace of mind, love, and other essential values in everyday life.

Tecomen’s mission is to become one of Asia’s leading manufacturers, distributors, and exporters of domestic water purifiers, electronics, and household goods.


Tecomen’s joint-stock company is an excellent illustration of the fusion of their workforce’s extensive experience with cutting-edge. The machinery used in the Filter Elements manufacturing process.

Their extensive expertise serving a wide area enabled them to adapt to constant technical development and progress, resulting in market share in the United Arab Emirates, Chile, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and the United States.

Unparalleled technological expertise combined with a drive to be the best in the market boosts them forward in line, resulting in a revenue of more than US$100 million.

With an original business capital estimate of roughly US$10 million, they entered the market in 2004 as a Manufacturer and Retailer of Filter Elements. TECOMEN JOINT STOCK COMPANY has been functioning as a Private Limited company in Tianjin, Vietnam, since its start, holding a Company Owned License.

To ensure a polished product line, they’ve assembled a team of top-notch professionals and used cutting-edge processes. This aims to achieve perfection in all aspects of the business, from Filter Elements to OEM RO water filtration, Water Filter machine, Sea desalination water filter, Dispenser, and Filter housing.

Tecomen Water Purifier Vietnam Mission:

They tried to protect and improve everyone’s health and quality of life in the water and air environments on their green and beautiful planet. Their vision is to reach GLOBAL TOP3 in the residential water and air treatment industry by 2040.

They’ve sent to 30 different nations. 7,200 National Intensive Point of Sale Factory: 40,000 m2 Values at the Core: Constant Innovation, Customer Focus, and Outstanding Commitment are the hallmarks of their company.