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Pureit Water Purifier Price in Bangladesh [Uniliver Pureit]

The Pureit water Purifier produces crystal clear and pure drinking water. You can get this original brand from at cheap rate.

This Water Purifier offers your family clean, fresh water. The purifier can hang on the wall or under your sink in any room of your house or office. It’s made of high-quality material that’ll last a long time and won’t leak.

This Water Purifiers & Filters is proud to offer a comprehensive line. Which helps household and commercial water filtering and purification solutions, including advanced multi-stage point-of-use systems and whole-house ultraviolet sterilizer systems.

The BD Water Purifier, a top water solution company in Bangladesh, sells Pureit water purifiers if you’re thinking about getting one to live a healthy life. They provide fair prices, quick deliveries, a variety of payment choices, and excellent customer service. Within Dhaka, delivery and installation are cheap.

About Pureit Water Purifier

Built with more than 15 years of technology experience, Pureit offers a variety of cutting-edge RO & UV water purifiers to provide each family with 100% safe & healthy drinking water. It improves water with nutrients inspired by nature and cutting-edge research using best-in-class filtration technology.

Unilever Drinking Water Purifiers at Home

According to independent, in-depth study performed by Verify Market, Pureit is a “Well Known Seller of In-Home Drinking Water Treatment Systems.”

This is evidence that Pureit is a vital component of every healthy home and that families rely on Pureit to provide them with clean drinking water.

*Based on sales of point-of-use water-treatment systems in 2016 unit shipments (in-home drinking water purifiers)

A Recognized Brand Internationally

With their cutting-edge goods and innovations, Pureit has received several awards and recognition from all around the world.

Pureit satisfies demanding international standards set established by the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States for the elimination of dangerous germs and viruses, guaranteeing your safety with each glass.

A Brand Created by You and For You

Customer relationship management is always given top priority at Pureit along with smart specialization, taking into account Bangladeshi opinions towards developing a brand that seeks to always put the customer first in order to provide superior service.

Awarded by Harvard University

As a result of Pureit’s global goal to deliver clean and safe drinking water to more than millions of people, Harvard University published a case study regarding Pureit’s achievements.

The Highest Level of Safety Available

Through industry-leading technology, Pureit provides a higher level of safety. Anyone who can disprove it is invited to do so. Pureit would give the challenger Rs. 10 crore if it is found to be in error. It has not yet been claimed, which is proof of Pureit’s purity guarantee.

List of Pureit Water Purifiers Price in Bangladesh

  • PUREIT CLASSIC MINERAL RO+MF – Price: ৳ 18,500.00
  • PUREIT MARVELLA SLIM RO+UV+MF – Price: ৳ 24,500.00
  • PUREIT MINERAL ULTIMA RO+UV+MF – Price: ৳ 31,500.00

BD Water Purifier offers goods of excellent quality at competitive prices. We consider it our responsibility to provide you with the greatest products and services out there. We keep our prices competitive so that clients would trust us and return to us frequently for purchases. We carry goods from well-known brands. Every day of the week, including holidays, our customer service representatives are here to help you with any problems that could occur.

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