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There is nothing like Fluxtek Water Purifier when it comes to water purification. a Taiwanese business offering complete water filter features. a 5-stage reverse osmosis water purification system for removing dangerous contaminants from water. In addition, the faucet has an unique design. It is a stainless steel faucet made of SUS 304 (WQA patented). It also has a stainless steel faucet in addition to this.

Fluxtek Water Purifier is the market leader in Taiwan with a production capacity of 100 GPD/ 15.75() liters per hour. They are currently expanding to Bangladesh. The Water Connection Size for this brand is 06 mm. Its operating power requirement is 220V (DC-48V 2.2mA). Many well-known organizations awarded it recognition. They recognized Fluxtek as one of the world’s safest water purifiers. This product line has received certifications from TCS, HWO, SASO, ISO14001, and ISO9001. These serve as evidence that this brand may be what you are looking for.

These water filters are necessary since regular water filters cannot get rid of dangerous chemicals from the water. If you use a standard water purifier, you run the risk of contracting fatal infections. Use a Fluxtek water purifier for your own safety.

About Fluxtek Water Purifier

Fluxtek Water Purifier focuses on supplying clean water to people as well as offering feedback to the land, with the basic values of innovation, trust, and kindness.

What could be more valuable than getting a cup of water to drink? In some regions, people must exert considerable effort in order to obtain clean water. This problem discovers by Fluxtek’s founder, Mr. Yen-Tsun Lai, from consumers in poor countries. In most sections of these countries, difficult to get pure water.

Mr. Lai realized that receiving pure water is a tremendous blessing after making this discovery. He imagined a world where everyone might simply obtain clean and healthful drinking water. As a result, he dedicated himself to the water filtration industry and founded Fluxtek with the goal of bringing good water to every home.

Fluxtek previously joined with a filter plant in order to improve the quality of its output. The factory’s quality of carbon material. On the other hand, did not satisfy the norm. Mr. Lai refused to provide filters that did not match Fluxtek’s standards, and he chose to stop delivering filters to clients.

Many complaints were received as a result of this, but Mr. Lai insisted on providing only the highest quality products to his customers.

He even traveled to places where coconuts are grown, such as Indonesia, India, and Sri Lanka, in quest of high-quality material for carbon synthesis. Fluxtek has gradually earned a reputation in the water treatment business, as well as customer confidence, by providing high-quality products.

They failed to consider industrial ecology and instead focused on supply chain integration to ensure that each process complies with the pollution-free green cycle economy. Their goal in creating value and making a contribution to society is to utilize every resource effectively to prevent environmental damage.

Fluxtek always loving and caring people, with the sincerity and passion of southern Taiwan, in order to add value to their products and ensure the long-term viability of their business. Together, they create a trusted brand that aspires to supply everyone with safe and healthy drinking water.



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