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City Water Purifier: Leading Water Purifier in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the city water purifier (CWP) is the leading industry in water purification technology. Since 2012, They’ve been working on a complete water treatment system.

CWP is an importer of Reverse Osmosis (RO) water treatment and other solutions for home, commercial, and industrial use.

In the international & Bangladeshi water purifier market industry, this organization has consistently progressed and achieved outstanding results. It quickly rose to the top of the Bangladeshi business world.

Adding to the firm’s philosophy of “Drink Better, Live Better,” the company has developed a high-level young staff and constructed a comprehensive marketing strategy.

They will do their best to become the most excellent professional company water purifier in Bangladesh with their superior management experience, extensive history, and stable market foundation.

City Purifier has a professional employee to serve market water purifiers, the teams are available to serve their clients between the hours of 3 a.m. and 365 days a year. They have two showrooms in the capital city of Dhaka, each with a substantial storage facility.

List OF City Water Purifiers In Bangladesh

List OF City Water Purifier Brands In Bangladesh

  • City Max Hot & Normal Water Purifier
  • City Prime RO+UV+UF+PH Balance Water Purifier
  • City Supreme RO+UV+UF+PH Balance Water Purifier
  • City Gold (Reverse Osmosis + Mineral + Ultraviolet)
  • City Gold (RO + Mineral)
  • City Water Doctor (RO+Mineral)
  • Alkaline Water Purifier (RO System)
  • Alkaline Water Purifier (RO + UV)
  • City Royel RO + Mineral Water Purifier
  • Hollow Fiber Membrane (HFM-01)
  • Hollow Fiber Membrane (HFM-02)
  • Hollow Fiber Membrane (HFM-03)
  • Hollow Fiber Membrane (HFM-04)

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